“The Moon Key [is a]  miniature treasure. Alongside ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors’ and ‘The Snow Goose’, [it is] now destined for the small cache of pleasures I set aside for bringing out each year on Christmas Eve. [The story is] deeply moving … The Moon Key particularly catches at the heart-strings, because of its sense of poignancy and loss”. By CHJ – personal message to the author

Thank you for “The Moon Key”; exquisite prose, exquisitely presented. By LK – personal correspondence with the author



“As beguiling as the country in which it is set……populated with intriguing, unforgettable characters….a highly entertaining and meticulously constructed read that brings a palpable sense of time and place to life….Hobbs’ writing is fluid and considered”

It’s the great review from Book Viral (click on their logo below to read it in full). Thanks for the kind words guys!


5 Stars A thrilling journey! – Steven Hobbs tells another great story – He is such a good storyteller – with a great imagination – His characters are well rounded and come alive on the page – [Simonetta’s] journey to escape her cruel husband is edgy and tense and keeps its reader guessing all the way. The descriptions create a real sense of time and place and 17th century Europe is painted very clearly. The tension builds throughout the novel and kept me reading until the last page. The atmosphere is tingling and the plot is very cleverly written – I enjoyed the mystery and suspense – and can recommend both this novel and Stone Ties to any reader who likes to get lost in a book.” By Barbara Goldie, from The Kindle Book Review. Read the full review here: The Lanese Print

5 Stars “Beautifully written and totally captivating book. I can’t praise The Lanese Print enough. From style of writing through to plot and vividly depicted backdrops, this is an excellent book. Do not miss out.” By (Goodreads)

5 Stars “I used to read a lot of historical fiction but found it was becoming too dull, so I was pleased to find this book by Steven Hobbs. There is everything I could want here. The setting is captured with some truly beautiful and often haunting descriptions, the plot is compelling and there is plenty of mystery and suspense.” By Diane (Goodreads)

5 Stars “A captivating tale – This is a tale of love and vengeance, a tale in which the tension never dies. As Simonetta takes flight across 17th century Europe the reader is kept guessing as to whether she will manage to escape her cruel and powerful husband. Who can she trust? How much time does she have? Will he catch her? The Lanese Print is a captivating and highly imaginative read which keeps you gripped from start to finish, Steven Hobbs is definitely an author to watch!” By Nick Tredwell (Amazon and Goodreads)

5 Stars “Vivid and authentic – The Lanese Print really does conjure up images of the time – I think author Steve Hobbs captures the times perfectly – the plot really hooked me from the first few pages and I could easily imagine the setting and characters – a very well written and absorbing book.” By GoldenJ (Amazon)



5 Stars “A delight to read – First page to last … a delight to read.” By The Saint

“I wandered onto your bookboard this evening, saw that you had written a book, thought it looked interesting and immediately bought Stone Ties on Kindle. Then I proceeded to read it at one sitting. Loved it! Very atmospheric.” By CB – Pinterest follower

5 Stars “Memorable storytelling – Stone Ties will remain with you for a long time after the book is closed. It has a great story-line which builds as the tension in the novel builds. It is a page turning novel full of escapism….It has romance, history and mystery in abundance and a neat twist in the tale.There is attraction, betrayal and loss running alongside pride and tradition. It kept me guessing, kept me reading and I loved the subject matter.” By Barbara Goldie, from The Kindle Book Review – read the full review here:

4 Stars “A Perfect Blend of History, Mystery, and Romance – Truly Engrossing – One part love story, one part mystery, one part history, this is a truly engrossing novel….There is a stunning and shocking twist toward the end that you won’t see coming…..The author builds suspense and mystery at a pace that keeps you turning pages and losing track of time. I’m amazed at the imagination this author has…..Anyone that enjoys fiction, mystery, history and romance will like this book.” By gpangel – read the full review here:                 

5 Stars “A thoroughly intriguing book – An interesting mix of modern and old, historic and detective, interwoven with the enduring power of love, and the chaos that it can also bring.” By Sue R

5 Stars “A sensitively written book which cleverly interweaves the past with the present……there is an energy to the story that makes you want to find out what happens next in both time frames. The reader really gets a good insight as to what is going on but at the same time is kept guessing all the way to its conclusion – a real page turner…..a very thought provoking and imaginative tale.” By S Straw

5 Stars “Historical detective work – What makes Stone Ties very clever is the way the author tells the story from both ends of time. Chapters about the modern day characters are interspersed with chapters set in the late 18th century…..I have read somewhere that the author has another book on the way. I hope we do not have to wait too long.” By J. Livsey

5 Stars “Fabulous – Wow, once I started reading I couldn’t put this down. Loved the mix of love and history. Living not far from Worcester made me take a visit in, just to sit at Elgar’s statue and ponder the architecture like Simeon did. Steven Hobbs has described it perfectly. Made me look at the Cathedral in a new light and envisage it’s history. A very well written book and I can’t wait for this author to publish more work. 10/10.” By W. Lloyd

5 Stars “A great bit of storytelling – There are two deftly handled time frames here, both the present day narrative and the story of those working in the 18th century at the cathedral in Worcester…..The story is exciting as it reaches a climax both now and in the past. It’s a thrilling and unusual story, beautifully written and very engaging in its subject matter….This is a great bit of storytelling.” By Ignite – read the full review here: