KintsugiAnything? Anything at all?

What redeeming scraps endure the passage? What slick trail of affirmation survives this slithering, ponderous tragedy, dragged out over time’s bleak passing, played out across this wasted land?

This fractured life; this broken, little life; this wreck of once-sweet promise.

For wasted time, unconsummated experience, shames the living for having lived so low.

The spark un-lit, consumed in apathy, lives not to light another day.

And yet…

And yet through quiet reflection we may come to gild the fractures. Grace and favour, however briefly gifted, perform the craft. Life’s bitter vicissitudes, now conjoined with veins of gold, create the whole upon which hope’s foundations lie.

These enduring staples, forged of life’s brief loves and treasures, bind the shards

And this life is no more; that life it now becomes

And when we focus on the inner light

This mind, this heart, this abandoned goal; through life’s treasured moments, becomes now whole

See no more the broken vessel, but the glinting fissures within a worthy soul